Easy, Connective Reminders For When You're in the Muck

True relief for the parenting overwhelm

This beautifully designed, rich workbook is the perfect reminder for anyone who wants to move from struggle, isolation, and winging it to feeling supported, confident and self compassionate in their parenthood!



When you're in your hardest moments, imagine if you could quickly scan through 4 simple truths to see which you have overlooked and lean back into, so that you can regain that balance, grounding, and calm you seek.


Grab this free resource and tap into questions and language that will begin you on the mindset shift you deserve from painful to playful parenting!

"These are the four universal wisdoms I have learned along the way that I tap into again and again (honestly, all day long!) to remind me about what matters, help me reclaim my parenting and personal identity, start feeling appreciated again and able to lean into an overflow of unapologetic gratitude - even and ESPECIALLY when I'm in the muck.


I hope it does the same for you!!"


- Sivanne Lieber, Founder of TheJoyousParent.com 

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About The Joyous Parent

Hi! I'm Sivanne, a self-proclaimed joyous parent. By joyous parenting, I don't mean easy or even always fun, but I do mean wholehearted, connected, confident, and calm.  Every messy, honest day. As a progressive educator, I have worked with hundreds of children not just learn their a,b,c's but to use their beautiful, creative minds to shift the world. Now, after almost two decades of experience in a myriad of school settings with families from all walks of life, I am using ,my passion & knowledge to shift parenthood so we may raise a new, empowered generation of creative, resilient changemakers - through the art of play.

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